DemTech Group provides consulting services to governments and businesses who endeavor to provide transparent, accurate and secure digital elections. We provide advice on technical and societal aspects of digitizing voter registration, vote casting and election result tabulation. We help election commissions to anticipate and manage the challenges that typically arise with the introduction of information technology to the electoral process.


Our mission is to assist electoral management bodies with the development of digital election systems, the evaluation of threats and challenges, and the analysis and management of risks.


November 2015
Carsten Schürmann together with Jordi Barrat, Eden Bolo, Alejandro Bravo, Robert Krimmer, Stephan Neumann, Al A. ParrenĖƒo, Melanie Volkamer, and Peter Wolf wrote an International IDEA publication on Certification of ICTs in Elections.

April 2015
A review for Digitaliseringstyrelsen regarding the next generation NemID (national ID infrastructure for Denmark) has been published here.

March 2015
Carsten Schürmann was invited and attended the 12th European Conference of the Electoral Management Bodies addressing the following topics: ENSURING NEUTRALITY, IMPARTIALITY AND TRANSPARENCY IN ELECTIONS and THE ROLE OF ELECTORAL MANAGEMENT BODIES.

January 2015
Carsten Schürmann joined IEEE 1622.6, Voting Systems Standards Committee (VSSC) Voting Methods Mathematical Models Working Group.

January 2015
Carsten Schürmann attended a talk on Perspectives on Crisis and Conflicts in the World at UN-City, Copenhagen. The talk was given by Grete Faremo, Under-Secretary General of the United Nations and Executive Director of UNOPS.

November 2014
The DemTech Group examined the electronic voting system of the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC). Our report can be accessed from the EAV-detailed information page of the VEC.

October 2014
Carsten Schürmann participated at the ICT Proposals' Day and event organized by the European Commission that focuses on the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2015 in the field of Information & Communication Technologies.

September 2014
Carsten Schürmann together with Michael Clouser, Robert Krimmer, Henrik Nore, and Peter Wolf wrote an International IDEA publication on The Use of Open Source Technology in Elections.

August 2014
Carsten Schürmann was one of four experts invited to the NemId Visionarium at Version2, discussing the next generation of Denmark's national ID infrastructure.